Professional timing specialist since 1982, World Sport Timing is also operator in TV graphics for live broadcasts during sport events.

From conception to diffusion

Our know-how (software development, computer graphics) as well as our experience in TV graphics services, allow us to offer complete and personalized services from conception to diffusion for all type of sport events.

Software development

Creation of specific personalized tools

Management of databases

Various flows integration (timing data, penalties, statistics)

Computer Graphics

Creation of complete graphics charters

Adaptation of pre-existing graphics elements

Motion design, 2D & 3D animations

Custom slow motion effects

Our offer

Development of custom softwares

In and out animations / Ross Xpression inlay station

Experienced operators

Creation and / or integration of graphics

1080i video signal, output fill & key (transparency management)

Social networks management

Specific graphic charters for big screens