We use our own softwares internally developped. They can be adapted to the specific needs of each event. Our great technical skills and our large experience of equestrian competitions allow us to offer high quality services.

Specialized Services
Competitions with timing

Timing at FEI standard

Electronic and human back-up of the timing system for competitions in live TV

2D & 3D Animations (presentation of the course map)

Competitions with marks

Real time scoring system

Digital scoreboards to display Dressage marks on the Field of Play

Digital scoreboards "time of the day" and 45s. for training and main arenas

Manual checking of each protocol for the validation of the live system

FEI approved paperless judging system

Common Services
Competition management

Taking the entries from the FEI Entry System or from Hippobase Entry System

Printing all useful documents for the management of the competition including the highlighting of your sponsors

SMS System for riders (each evening : beginning time / horse / starting order / arena)

Timing and results free of all commercials (they might be signed by the sponsor of your choice)

Sending results to FEI

Experienced staff with dedicated project manager
On the Web

Time tables / Start lists / Results on a webpage including your graphics standards

Live results including your graphics standards

Streaming and video capture

Graphics for streaming at your graphics standards - See here

Distribution of the results on the venue

VGA / HDMI for distribution of live results on CIS

Screens for Jury, Training arena, Speaker...

Mobile screens from 10 to 60m2, on trailers or structure, indoor or outdoor

Graphics for mobile screens at your graphics standards

Broadcasting of commercials (videos, photos, sponsors, flying flags for prize giving ceremonies...)

Show Office Management

Management of the show office with WS Data, a specific application developped with our partner Innov’Data

WS Data is a secured online application, very easy to use by all members of the OC, compatible with all timing systems

Master List management, daily entries for CSI’s, FEI rotation system for start-lists, printing of start-lists

Draw on screen

Integration of results and prize money. Billing system for international competitions